Write graphics code once,
automatically run on any platform.

Renderlet is a WebAssembly framework for writing graphics code that runs anywhere.

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Developers can use renderlet to embed GPU-accelerated 2D and 3D graphics into cross-platform applications.

Image of renderlet code and its resulting 3D image

What is renderlet?

With renderlet, we compile graphics to portable WebAssembly modules and provide a runtime that abstracts away the underlying GPU architecture to the code.

  • A compiler that takes a high-level specification of your graphics pipeline, any assets, custom functions, and libraries, and builds self-contained WebAssembly modules.

  • A rendering engine, wander, that embeds into any application, on any platform, that safely runs the renderlet modules with the platform’s GPU.

  • A visual editor that makes it easy to compile graphics and visualization pipelines out of reusable modules.